Designing New World Learning

Thank you for your interest in the IDEA Consortium.

This effort began with a small group interested in Instructional Design and Educational Assessment with an early vision for application of emerging digital technologies for education.

The items below identify some of the interest areas under consideration and which continue to emerge as foundations for the future of the IDEA Consortium.

For more information, please contact:

Bruce Lindgren

bflind (at) cheqnet (dot) net

New World Learning

Our Commitment to New World Learning is a foundation for educational designs.

Digital Age Designs

Instructional Designs and Educational Assessment for the Digital Age will profoundly influence education reform

Education Ecology

Why Teachers, Textbooks, Tests and Technology are Not Enough.

Environmental Values

Making a difference through life-long experiential learning.

Economic Opportunity

Creating economic opportunity for rural residents, families, remote regions.

The Fractal Triangle

Leveraging Existing Expertise for Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability

Science Education

Making Quality Ubiquitous through Simulation and Vicarious Experience.

Non-school Education

Recognizing and contributing to alternatives for growth and development of individuals and organizations throughout their life cycle.