Background Information on Bruce Lindgren:

Upon completion of a Bachelor’s degree in biological science and chemistry, Bruce did research into the histophysiology of mammalian reproduction, studied virology, tissue culture and microbial genetics and taught cellular biology and microbiology at Mankato State College for several years in the 1960’s completing a Master’s degree in 1966. By 1969 education and teaching was commanding more of his interest and attention so he joined the biology faculty at Normandale College where he stayed until 1997. During the early years at Normandale Bruce mainly taught anatomy, microbiology and pathobiology designing a modular self-paced instructional program for allied health students. Burgess Press published his first book BIOMAPP-Minicourses for Anatomy Physiology and Pathobiology written in collaboration with a colleague, Wayne Becker. Recognizing the potential of self-paced instruction, Bruce and his Normandale colleagues designed physical space and instructional programs for a unique open instructional and laboratory facility, the Normandale Biology Learning Center. From 1979 to 1986 his interest in light and electron microscopy and in biological illustration led to heavy involvement in commercial photography. A second commercial studio, Optima Photographics, provided resources to purchase a computer used to learn database programming and productivity applications. Then in 1985-86 he began to see appealing linkages among digital technology, education and illustration. With support from several grants and encouraging colleagues at Normandale, Bruce learned and practiced multimedia production by developing course material for a course he had designed; Contemporary Biology. For this course he wrote two books: Exploring Contemporary Biology and Biology: The Fantastic Frontier. In 1997 Bruce decided to leave teaching to pursue other interests including writing, multimedia production, instructional design, public service and project management.

Following a 32 year career in higher education, Bruce Lindgren formed B.Lindgren Consulting to provide support for school, non-profit educational organizations and business applications of digital technology. Clients have included the South Shore School District, several area businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Projects have included network administration, writing of technology planning documents, development of grant proposals, business strategy planning, graphic art, photography and visual communication strategies and development of several Web sites. Drawing on experiences in higher education and private business, and skills with writing and digital technology, he has been able to contribute to several business enterprises including his wife Patricia’s new business Raindrop Garden Gallery . Independent consulting over the past three years has provided time for direct access to challenges of public service including election to an administrative leadership position in local government and appointment to County-level Land Use and Economic Development committees. Recognizing the importance of education in economic development, he has recently proposed the formation of the Chequamegon Education Consortium. This initiative will bring together both credentialled and non-credentialled educators from school and non-school educational institutions to challenge assumptions and develop new frameworks for how education might best be delivered and acquired in a remote, rural environment. The Chequamegon Education Consortium embraces the responsible use of digital technology as a means to expand both access and opportunity for educational experiences. Consortium membership is available to organizations and individuals. Members will communicate through meetings, newsletters, eMail, a Web site, and an Internet chat room. The Consortium promotes and supports resource-rich environments for the design and production of instructional media. A current project is writing an essay entitled: Education Ecology - Environments Influencing Learning and Why Technology Alone Will Not Succeed.

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